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Candle Making

How to Make a Soy Wax Candle

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How to Make a Candle

1. Heat wax to 75 – 80°C on a stove, preferably in a double boiler.  Do NOT heat candle wax in the microwave or on a gas stove.

2.  Choose a wick suitable to the diameter of the mould.  Work on the middle diameter for non-cylindrical moulds.

3. Prime the wick.  Thread the wick through the hole at the bottom of the mould and seal with putty, Prestik, or similar.  Keep the wick centered.

4. Fill the mould with liquid melted wax.  Allow to cool until the wax is rubbery to the touch.  Poke two holes in the wax and allow to cool for a further 20 minutes.  Top up with liquid melted wax.

5.  Remove Prestik and wicking needle when the wax has cooled completely.  Gently pull on the wick to slide the candle out of the mould.


Bath Melts Recipe

20g cocoa butter

10g shea butter

10g emulsifying wax

Cosmetic fragrance oil of your choice

Basic Lotion Recipe

Water Phase

73g distilled water
2g honey or glycerin

Oil Phase

6g emulsifying wax
5g shea butter
3g stearic acid
10g almond oil

0,5g preservative
0,5g fragrance oil