Wick for Gelwax 25m



This wick is the best choice for gel candles.  Wick for Gelwax can also be used in paraffin wax (moulded) candles.


Wick for Gelwax is an eco-wick:  it is metal free.  This wick is made of unbleached cotton, with a cardboard core.  The cardboard core makes Wick for Gelwax stay upright in a pool of melted candle wax or gelwax.

How to Use Wick for Gelwax

Snip the wick after blowing it. You will notice that a ball of ash tends to form at the tip if the wick is relit several times.

Use Wick for Gelwax in glasses with a diameter of about 40mm – 70mm.

Use wick sustainers to anchor the wick to the bottom of the glass.