Vanilla Fragrance Oil 50ml


Use 1 tablespoon Vanilla Candle Fragrance on 1 kg wax.



Vanilla Candle Fragrance is wax-compatible which means that it will not bleed out.  When a fragrance ‘bleeds out’ it looks as if the candle is sweating.

Vanilla Candle Fragrance is a blend of natural and synthetic material which guarantees you a consistent, quality product.

How to Use Vanilla Candle Fragrance

Use approximately 1 tablespoon per 1 kg wax for a strong fragrance.

This Candle Fragrance performs well in container candles made with Snowy White Wax.  You can add this fragrance to soy wax, gel wax and soap also.

How Can I Get a Strong Fragrance ?

Add between 2 – 7% fragrance to your wax.  The higher the fragrance load, the stronger the smell.  Make your scented candles in glasses, preferably covered.  Make sure that your fragrance oil is wax-compatible, meaning that it blends well with wax.