Stearic Acid 1kg



Add stearic acid to your candle wax to make long burning candles.  Sold in a 1kg bag and comes in flake form.  Store it in a cool, dry place.


  • Makes your candles burn longer
  • Makes your candles release from the mould more easily

How to Use Stearic Acid

Add 100g of stearic acid to 1kg candle wax.  Melt together on an electric stove.  DO NOT melt candle wax in the microwave.

How Do I Remove My Candles From The Mould ?

If you have blended your candle wax with stearic acid you should have no problem removing your candles from the mould.  Pull gently on the wick once the candle has set and cooled down. If you still struggle to remove the candle, you could leave it in the fridge for 20 minutes before trying again.