Snowy White Candle Wax 5kg


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  • Snowy White Candle Wax is our most popular candle wax.
  • It is a fully refined paraffin wax with a solid white colour (think milk).
  • Use Snowy White Wax to make wedding candles or candles function hire, events and churches.

How to Use

  • Add 100g of stearic acid to every 1kg of wax if you’d like to increase burning time.
  • Mould this candle wax in any of our white plastic candle moulds.
  • Don’t forget to use a thermometer . Plastic candle moulds will buckle if you pour your candle wax at temperatures higher than 75C.
  • Fragrance this wax with our range of French Fragrances to make scented candles.