Snowy White Candle Wax 25kg



Snowy White Candle Wax is a top quality, fully refined paraffin wax.

Benefits of Snowy White Candle Wax 25kg

  • This is our most popular candle wax.
  • It is a fully refined paraffin wax with a solid white colour (think milk).
  • Use this quality wax to make white candles for weddings, churches or function hire.

How to Use Snowy White Candle Wax

Melt on an electric stove.  DO NOT melt this wax in the microwave.

Add any of our candle fragrances to make beautifully scented candles.  Vanilla and Sandalwood are our current top sellers.

Use our range of white plastic candle moulds to mould this wax.  Don’t forget to use a thermometer . Plastic candle moulds will buckle if you pour your candle wax at temperatures higher than 75C.