Natural Beeswax 500g




Our Natural Beeswax comes straight from the beekeeper and Mr Bee.   It is not bleached, with no added chemicals. The beeswax has a strong honey fragrance. Supplied in 500g blocks.

How to Use Natural Beeswax

  • Use in a natural skincare range, including lip balms and lotions.
  • Do not mould this wax.
  • Use in ceramic, clay or glass containers.
  • Do not add candle dye, stearic acid or candle fragrance to beeswax.

Which Wick Should I Use ?

Unfortunately we do not stock wicks specifically designed for beeswax candles.  Try Wick for Soy Wax.

How Do I Melt This Wax ?

Melt this wax on an electric stove.  Do not melt it in a microwave.  Use a pot or metal container with a spout.