Medium Flatbraid Wick 25m


Use in candles with a diameter of 7 – 10 cm.

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Medium Flatbraid Wick is  made of ring spun bleached white cotton.

How to Use Medium Flatbraid Wick

Thin Flatbraid Wick is designed for container and free standing candles made primarily of paraffin wax, i.e.  Snowy White Candle Wax orTranslucent Candle Wax.

Use this medium wick in paraffin wax candles with a diameter of 7 cm – 10 cm.

Medium Flatbraid Wick also performs well in blends containing vegetable wax, for instance Soy Wax.

Remember to prime the wick before using it. Dip the wick in melted wax, then straighten and allow to cool. Once the wick has been primed it is much easier to thread through the metal wick sustainers. Use wick sustainers to anchor your candle wick to the bottom of a glass, jar or other container.