Gel wax 5kg



Gel wax is a see-through jelly wax which cannot be moulded.   Pour it into glass containers only.

How to Melt This Wax

How to Use

  • Melt this wax on an electric stove.
  • Pour the melted, liquid wax in glasses.
  • Use Wick for Gel Wax and Metal Wick Sustainers.
  • Add a candle dye of your choice to the melted gel wax and stir gently.


  • Test that your glass containers are suitable by filling them with boiling water.  If the glass cracks you know that the container will not be suitable for gel candles.
  • If using a candle fragrance, take care not to add too much fragrance as this will make the wax go cloudy.


This wax has a high melting point. Do not splash any of the hot melted liquid on yourself.  Keep the melted wax out of reach of children.

Some Ideas

Decorate your candles with wooden cut-outs.  There are mermaids, crocodiles and African animals cut-outs.

Take a look at our post on weddings on our DIY blog.  Thanks to Blink Photography for their awesome photographs.