Wholesale Gel Wax 100kg

R9,500.00 R8,400.00


Gel wax is a see-through jelly wax.   Use this wax in glass containers only.  Wholesale Gel Wax has a high melting point, meaning that this wax is very hot when liquid.

Wholesale Gel Wax is supplied per 100kg.

How to Use

  •  Melt this wax on an electric stove.  DO NOT melt in a microwave
  • Use Wick for Gelwax
  • Use glass containers with a maximum diameter of 6cm

Safety Precautions

  • Test your glass containers before using them.  Fill the glasses with boiling water.  If the glass cracks you know that the container will not be suitable for gel candles.
  • This wax has a high melting point. Do not splash any of the hot melted liquid on yourself.
  • Use sand to put out fires.