Clear plastic mould that makes 2 x 90g square bars. Moulds may be reused several times. Take care not to overheat the soap. If the soap is hotter than 75C the soap mould will buckle. Code: DD94


Wick for Soy Wax 25m


This pure cotton wick is designed for container candles with soy wax and a high fragrance load. Use Wick for Soy Wax in glass containers with a diameter of up to 10 cm.

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Zooty Cylinder Mould


Polycarbonate cylinder mould. High quality, durable. Pour wax at temperatures ranging from 65C – 90C. NOTE: Do not fragrance any wax poured into this mould. Makes a 465g candle Dimensions: 60x200mm

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Polycarbonate two piece mould. NB: Use only unfragranced wax in this mould. Makes a 170g candle