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Clear Glycerine Soap Base comes in 1kg bars. How to Use Clear Glycerine Soap Base Cut the soap base into small cubes. Melt in the microwave for 40 seconds on medium.   Stir the soap until all remaining lumps are melted.  You should have a clear liquid, possibly with a little foaminess on the surface. Add [...]

Cosmetic Ingredients

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L for Cold Process Soap and Natural Cosmetics Olive oil is traditionally used for making Castile soap.  It gives soap a gentle and creamy lather, making it an excellent choice for soaps for dry skin. How to Get a Discount Order 4 and get your olive oil for R80/L. Olive Oil [...]

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Isopropyl Alcohol for Soap Isopropyl Alcohol or Rubbing Alcohol, as it is commonly known, has many uses. For the soap maker it is most useful when spritzing your newly poured melt and pour soaps. Helping to remove surface bubbles, but it is also a powerful solvent with many useful applications. It evaporates quickly, leaving near [...]

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Stay Organised Store or transport your candles, soaps and materials in this sturdy wooden crate. Dimensions 48 cm long x 34 cm wide x 25 cm high The wooden crate is more or less the size of an apple box.