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Cosmetic Ingredients

Cocoa Butter 1kg


Our Cocoa Butter is food grade and certified kosher. How to Use Soy massage candles Body lotions Face creams Body Butters Recommended Fragrances Cocoa Butter has a fairly strong natural smell.  Take this into account when choosing a fragrance.  Candle Deli’s Fig, Vanilla or Pomegranate fragrance oils combine well with cocoa butter.

Cosmetic Ingredients

Cosmetic Preservative 50ml


Euxyl PE 9010 is a paraben free liquid cosmetic preservative for lotions and other cosmetic emulsions.  This preservative is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeasts and mould fungi. Do I Really Need a Preservative? Most cosmetic products are emulsions, i.e. they contain water.  Bacteria, mould and yeast loves water!  Therefore, if your product [...]

Cosmetic Ingredients

Emulsifying Wax 1kg


Emusifying Wax for Lotions and Creams Polawax Emusifying Wax is vegetable-derived and is a so-called “complete emulsifying wax”, meaning you don’t need to add a secondary product to ensure emulsification.  It is suitable for both skin and hair care products, and will produce emulsions with excellent texture and stability. Use in These Products moisturising creams [...]

Cosmetic Ingredients

Shea Butter 500g


Shea Butter for soap, body lotions and soy candles.  This product is white and odourless.