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Candle Making Kit

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Make your own fragranced candles with our DIY fragranced Candle Making Kit. Contents 1kg wax fragrance wicks wick holder resuable container instruction card with visual instructions How to Use This Kit

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Make Fragranced Eco-friendly Candles You won’t believe how easy it is!    The soy candle making kit comes with full instructions and an exquisite fragrance from one of the big perfume houses in France. Why This Kit ? Make your own candles for your yoga or meditation practice while doing something good for the earth.  [...]

R150.00 inc VAT

The gel candle making kit is ideal for beginner candle makers. Contents gel wax wick wick sustainers How to Use the Kit Melt the gel wax on an electric stove in a jug or pot.   Prepare your wick by threading it through the sustainer.  Centre the wick before filling your heat-resistant glass container with melted [...]