This is a fun project to do with kids of all ages.  It takes just under an hour.  We never tire of making with things that float and burn at the same time.

You will need:

materials for making floating candles

Melt your candle wax on an electric stove.  NEVER melt paraffin wax, a.k.a. candle wax, in a microwave.

We use this enamel pot but the long spout is not very practical as the wax hardens inside.   An industrial sized milk jug or a gravy saucepan would be a better choice.

This is an optional step.

We made some “wasmannetjies” in a silicone mould from Chinatown.

Fill the eggshells about 3/4 full with the rest of the melted wax.  Leave to cool slightly – you’ll notice that the wax forms a skin on the surface as it cools.

When you’re ready you can add either a wick or a “wasmannetjie”, according to your preference.