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How to Make Every Day Better

How to Make Every Day Better With a Candle Some people say that happiness is a habit.  If we practice daily happiness habits, like daily exercise, we can learn happiness.  Or rather we can create a sense of happiness no matter what our personal circumstances or the state of the world. Let’s be honest, even […]

bronze art africa

How to Make Modelling Wax

Bronze casters use Modelling Wax in a process called the “lost wax” process when they cast bronze statues and art works. Proportions will vary according to the bronze caster’s preferences but the basic ingredients are: paraffin wax microcrystalline wax gum rosin (optional) candle dye Artists also use Modelling Wax but they generally add a filler […]

Scented Soy Candles

Is Soy Wax Organic?

WHEN IS SOMETHING ‘ORGANIC’? The eco-friedly trend has hit candle making too.  Soy wax and other vegetable waxes are gaining in popularity.  Some candle makers are not only moving to soy wax but are also looking for organic soy wax. Awareness about saving  the environment has brought a host of terminology … what does it […]

mr and mrs bee

Why is Beeswax So Expensive?

Beeswax is great but it is so expensive!    Why, why, why?  Candle Deli’s beeswax comes straight from the beekeeper and directly from Mr Bee (Mrs Bee being, of course, very busy being royal).  Natural beeswax has a dark yellow to brown colour, depending on what the bees had for lunch.  After being collected from […]