Which Wax Should I Use?

You’re amped and ready to make some extraordinary candles.  You’ve even found your way to the wax products page … but where to start?  There are so many different types of wax and, worst of all, most of them look alike.

Which Wax is Best for You ?

You’re looking for no fuss, quick results

Try gelwax. It’s quick, easy and looks good even without you adding anything extra.  Melt, pour and off you go!  It doesn’t get easier than that.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Blink Photography

If you need a few pointers before getting stuck in, watch our short video tutorial here.

You’re all about the smell

Soy wax is for you.  It is easy to fragrance and you can melt soy wax in the microwave.  What’s more, we stock exquisite French cosmetic fragrances like Lily Rose.  What’s not to love?










PHOTO CREDIT:  Black Owl Candles

You’re a dyed in the wool crafter or an artist

Candle wax, a.k.a. paraffin wax,  is the only answer.  It can be temperamental but the possibilities are endless. Paraffin wax can be moulded, sculpted, folded, poured, blended, beaten and the range of products you can make is limited by your imagination only, and the laws of nature.






PHOTO CREDIT:  Gretha Quinlan Candles

You’re a sculptor

You could use microwax on its own but you will probably get better results with a blend of candle wax (a.k.a. paraffin wax) and microwax.  Never fear, the recipe is here!

You’re serious about the organic thing

It could only really be beeswax.  Our beeswax is produced by real bees, who live carefree yet productive lives in wild open spaces.  Our beeswax is not subjected to any chemical process such as carbon filtering or bleaching. This wax comes to you straight from the bee’s mouth, after a short sojourn in her little house.