What Makes For a Quality Fragrance Oil?

Candle Deli quality fragrance oils

How can you tell if a fragrance oil is worth buying?

This question could also be formulated as “why should I buy Candle Deli’s fragrances when I can get much cheaper fragrance oils elsewhere?”.     The short answer is “horses for courses”, which is just another way of saying you get what you pay for. Never is this more true than when it comes to fragrance oils.

Important factors to consider

  • the quality of the raw materials (both natural and synthetic);
  • legal requirements (certification and documentation);
  • consistency and concentration.

Legal requirements

Is the fragrance IFRA certified? Is it skin safe? Is the correct dosage indicated? Are suitable applications indicated?


Will the fragrance I buy today smell exactly the same as the fragrance I buy in 10 years’ time? E.g. if you buy Sandalwood fragrance oil from Candle Deli today, it will smell the same as whatever you bought from us as Sandalwood 5 years ago.


Tip = look at indicated dosage levels. If 2% is indicated, then obviously this fragrance oil is far more concentrated than a fragrance oil where 6% dosage is indicated.


Photo Credit :  Mae Mu on Unsplash