What is a Scented Soy Massage Candle?

Soy massage candles, or spa candles as they are sometimes called, can be melted and used to mositurize your skin as part of a luxurious massage.

Making a soy massage candle is almost the same as making any other type of container candle. Soy wax is one of the safest waxes to use on the skin. It’s quite soft so it melts and pools easily, and it won’t irritate your skin unless you have a soy allergy (in which case you can use beeswax instead).

Soy Massage Wax Blend

The soy wax is melted down and combined with various oils and butters that will help the skin absorb it. Without these additions, the wax would cool and harden as it was being massaged into the skin.

Essential oils or cosmetic grade fragrance oils are also added to create a soothing atmosphere. Make sure that the fragrance you choose is safe for both candle making and use on the body. All skin safe, cosmetic grade fragrances can be used in soy massage candles.  These fragrances are perfect choices for scenting your massage candles.

Popular Soy Massage Blends

Soy wax can be blended with shea butter or cocoa butter.  Some candle makers add vegetable oils like olive oil or almond oil to their soy massage wax blend.

How to Make a Scented Soy Candle


soy massage candle materials

Step 1

You will need soy wax, a microwave, plastic jug, Lily Rose cosmetic fragrance, sosotie sticks, wick and a glass.  Mr Price sometimes has affordable glassware which works well for container candles.

Step 2

Melt the soy wax in the microwave.  Thread the wick through a metal wick sustainer and fix it to the bottom of the glass.  Keep the wick straight and centered with sosatie sticks, as pictured here.




soy massage candle wick

Step 3

Use sosatie sticks and Prestik to position the wick in the centre of the glass.  Add the Lily Rose fragrance to the melted soy wax.  Pour the melted soy wax into the glass.  Set the candle aside to cool down.

Step 4

Enjoy your soy massage candle with someone special or all on your own.