Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Candlestick or Two

5 Tips for the Perfect Day

Just a Perfect Day

Every bride wants her wedding day to be just perfect – from the dress and the service to the venue and the music, but even more so, she wants it to be memorable and for every little detail to leave a lasting impression with those who shared the event with her and her husband.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your day is peaceful and filled with love and that you don’t have to turn into Bridezilla to make sure everything happens like you dreamed it would!

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1.     Be the Boss of your Special Day

One of the many perks of being the bride-to-be is that you get to have the final say regarding the theme and colour scheme for your big day.
Everyone has an opinion so it’s up to you to make sure you put people in their place early on, from mom-in-law to well-meaning mother, best friends and sisters. Be nice but be firm; the day has to reflect your dreams and personality, not theirs, they’ve had, or will have, their turn.

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2.     Project Plan

Early on start a list of everything that needs to be done. Assign dates and names and make sure you get prices early on; you don’t want to be hit with any surprises two days before the big event.

3.     Express yourself

I know most weddings are white but there’s no reason they have to be bland. Use unusual colours and accessories like interesting table décor to make your event memorable.

A growing trend among modern-day brides is to add their own personal signature to their special event by creating their own candles for the wedding table.  While flowers are an important part, candles can certainly add a touch of glamour, a hint of elegance or dash of boldness that will turn an ordinary wedding table into a masterpiece that could grace the cover of any décor or bridal magazine.

Depending on the colour, theme and styling you have in mind for your wedding, you can choose to use either gel or wax candles to complement your décor.  Candles are easy to make and could also make a lovely party favour to commemorate the day.

4.       Choose a Wedding Theme

Contemporary White, Black & Silver
You can’t go wrong by updating the traditional white wedding to a contemporary combination of white, black & silver… it’s simple, it’s elegant and above all timeless. Traditional opaque wax candles in solid white, are a definite must to offset this elegant theme.  By using these neutral tones, you’ll create a refined look and feel that will enhance your décor. Your choice of flowers and the size of your centerpieces should determine the shape and height of your wax candles while the space available and illumination desired, will influence the number you’d require per table.

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A Glam Wedding Theme
Gel candles in turn are the perfect match for a glamorous event. As gel wax is transparent, it’ll enhance the colours you’ve chosen for your table settings with its shimmering qualities. By bringing lots of gold or silver into your colour palette and pairing it with gel candles, you’ll instantly create a sense of opulence, without the price tag to match.


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5.     Be Creative

Get out of the office and drive around to the many different wedding shops to be inspired by what’s available out there. Have a look at international bridal magazines and websites. Don’t be afraid to create the wedding of your dreams, this is the only chance you’ll have to make it what you want it to be.

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Should you wish to add your own creative touch to your wedding day, you can get all the gel and wax candle-making craft kits at  Aside from providing short step-by-step tutorial videos to guide you through the process, Candle Maker’s Deli also offers workshops for those living in and around Cape Town.

Why not get your bridesmaids to join you? It could very well prove to be the perfect stress reliever before the arrival of your big day.


Photos by Blink Photography

Table décor provided by Delicious Display   

Text by Shift One Digital