How to Make a Soy Candle

Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

Soy Candle Recipe

Step 1 :  Find glasses you like












Look for glasses with a diameter of 7 cm.  We found these glasses at Mr P Home but you could find suitable glasses at Pep, Checkers, PnP, Shoprite as well as @Home (expensive!) or Woollies.

Tip:  the 7 cm diameter thing.  It’s important because your candle will burn down all the way.  If the glass is too wide your candle will leave a residue of wax on the walls of the glass.

Step 2:  Gather It All Around











Checklist :

 Step 3:  Just Do It











Thread the wick through the metal sustainer.   Melt a little soy wax in your microwave.  Cover the bottom of the glass with melted soy wax.  Position the wick and leave the soy wax to cool.

Tip:  If you struggle to keep the wick in place you can glue it down with a clear glue.











Keep the wick centered and upright in whatever way works for you.  We’re big fans of the ingenious clothes peg method, pictured above.

Other bloggers have proposed the masking tape method but we remain unconvinced.

Step 4: Mix It Up










Melt the rest of the soy wax.  Add 20% shea butter if you’re using that.  Add a skin safe fragrance oil of your choice.  Fill the glass and leave to cool.

Step 5 : Share the Love

Keep it for yourself or give it to someone special.