How Many Candles Will I Make From 1 kg Wax ?

how many candles

The Burning Question

The FAQ to top all FAQ’s is ….. drum roll … this is the big question we are asked almost daily. It is the question burning in aspiring candle makers’s minds all over South Africa, Namibia and Sub-Saharan Africa … and the question is … drum roll …


 “How many candles will I make from a kg of your wax? “

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a question even a person with the monumental intelligence of Marie Curie or Hannah Arendt would have found impossible to answer.

Why, you ask?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, because we need to know the weight of the candles you intend to make before we, or preferably you, can perform the calculation. Does that make sense?  If not, keep reading.

How We Help You to Answer This Puzzling Question

In the description under each Candle Deli candle mould we have included the weight of the candle the candle mould in question would produce.

Take a look at this description for instance.  You will see that the Candle Deli Heart Cylinder Mould makes a 310 g candle.

And Now, Finally, The Answer!

1 kg wax = 1,000 g wax

If the candle you want to make weighs 310 g (310 grams) then you can calculate the number of candles you’ll make from 1 kg wax like this:

1,000 grams of wax (i.e. 1 kg wax) divided by a 310 gram candle = number of candles you could make.

If you make candles in the Heart Cylinder Mould you will make 3 candles from 1 kg of our candle wax.  Please note that this wax is sold in 5 kg slabs.  We do that to keep your on your toes and to keep your fingers tap dancing over your calculator pad.

“How Many Gel Candles Can I Make From 1 kg Gel Wax?”


This is a next level question.  You may wonder why.  Well, it’s a next level question because 1 kg gel wax does NOT equal 1 litre gel wax.

In fact, 1 kg gel wax = 1.25 litres gel wax.

So, there are a number of steps in this calculation. First of all, you need to know what the volume of your glass containers is.  Volume means how much liquid your glass container holds.

How on earth would I ever know that?!  you ask.   Simple, my dear Watson.

Fill the glass container with water.  Pour the water into a measuring jug and take the reading.  Now you know.

Therefore, if your glass container has a volume of 250 ml (250 millilitres) then you can calculate how many gel candles you will make like this:

1.25 litres gel wax (the equivalent of 1 kg gel wax) divided by 250 ml (size of your glass container) = 5 (number of candles you could make).

The Greatest Question of All Time :  “I want to fill / make x number of candles, how much wax do I need ?”

This is next level stuff.  You will need ingenuity and a calculator in order to cast the light of knowledge in the dark night of ignorance.  Take the container you wish to use and fill it with water.  Pour the water into a measuring jug and take the reading, i.e.  how much water in your measuring jug ?  Write it down.

Now whip out your calculator and multiply the number above by 0.9.  The answer will be the amount of wax you need in grams.

If your container takes 375 ml of water, then do this :

375 x 0.9 = 337.50

That means you will need 337.5 g of wax to fill said container.

Why, why, why?  you may wonder.

Ask Dr Google about relative density. Happy learning!