How to Make Every Day Better

How to Make Every Day Better With a Candle

Some people say that happiness is a habit.  If we practice daily happiness habits, like daily exercise, we can learn happiness.  Or rather we can create a sense of happiness no matter what our personal circumstances or the state of the world.

Let’s be honest, even if you would describe yourself as being generally happy, you could still make every day even better.  There’s no better way than practicing self-love by adding fun and beauty to every day.

How to create your own happiness ritual

A ritual helps us take a moment for ourselves, consciously.  We take many moments for ourselves unconsciously:  watching TV, smoking a cigarette, overeating, pouring the first drink, whatsapping and general mobile phone over-attachment, internet surfing, the list goes on.

First of all decide when you will practice your daily happiness ritual.  The morning is the best time, for obvious reasons. Lighting a candle is a way to mark a moment … to create a tiny pocket of conscious time with yourself. Start your 5 minute date with yourself by lighting your favourite candle.

Indulge in a few minutes of unrestrained “positive worry”.  Repeat over and over to yourself, like an auto loop, a skill, competence or positive characteristic you have.  Choose at least three things and repeat them over and over for 5 minutes.

Blow out your candle to mark the end of your daily happiness ritual.

Does this sound like too much hard work?

Here is an alternative ‘light weight’ ritual which will make a difference to your day.

Light a candle and start creating some magic in your life :  make a date with yourself to do something fun today.   The only constraint is that it needs to be free, or very, very cheap.    Consider that you are alive and worthy of the best day you can create for yourself. What would make your day fun?  Do it!

Where to get the best candles

Perhaps your daily happiness ritual inspires you to make your own fragranced candle.  It’s easy!   Here’s how.

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