How to use candle making as a kids’ craft activity

kids' craft

Candle making is a great activity for kids who like arts and crafts. Although parental supervision is necessary, it is not a difficult or overly challenging activity.

Candle making and crafts in general develop children’s creativity and give them a sense of satisfaction and achievement.
Once you have the correct candle making equipment and materials, you can make gifts for the children’s teachers at the end of the year or make your friends hand made birthday presents.

Kids love being involved in  making things so let them use their imaginations to craft in a way that reflects their own personality.

Although the recommended age for candle making is 8-12, younger children will cope well with some help from an adult.

How to make floating oranges

Step 1

To make these candles at home you will need:    an electric two-plate stove, a double boiler, wax, wick sustainers, candle dye, an orange & a lemon,  and a length of wick.

Begin by melting the candle wax in a double boiler.  Use an electric two-plate stove.  Never melt wax in the microwave.

Now the kids can begin to add more wax to melt it.  Explain to the kids how the candle wax will melt quicker if they help you stir it (very gently). Add a dye of your choice to the melting wax.  You can expect it to take ten to fifteen minutes to melt the candle wax completely. You can always use this as an opportunity to give the kids a quick colouring in activity or let them have a snack.

Step 2

Cut the orange and lemon in half.   Discard the pulp.   Cut the wick into short lengths and add thread one end through a wick sustainer.  Firmly press the wick sustainers into the bottoms of the fruit.  The kids may need some help with this part of the activity.

Step 3

Fill the prepared fruit halves with the melted wax.   Keep the wicks centered.  If they seem like they want to fall over, rest a sosatie stick over the fruit so that the wick is supported.

Step 4

Allow the wax to cool completely.

Step 5

You’re ready to play!  Fill a bowl with water and demonstrate to the kids that wax floats on water.   Gently lower your fruit candles into the water.   Let the kids light their fruit candles and enjoy the sight of their very own craft creations.

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