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Sold in packets of 10. Choose from: Guinea Fowls Lions Leopards Buffalos Rhinos Elephants Mermaids Sea horses

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Sandalwood Fragrance for Candles, Soaps and Cosmetic Products in 500ml This quality fragrance oil is suitable for candle wax, soy wax, gel wax, melt and pour soap as well as cold process soap.  IFRA certification available on request. Benefits of buying 500ml There is a considerable price advantage. Cold Process Soap Notes Use up to a maximum of 2% Does [...]

Candle Wicks

Thick Wick 5m

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This braided pure cotton wick is designed for large container or moulded candles. Where to Use This Wick Use this wick in big candles made with either candle wax or soy wax.   Use thick wick in candles with a diameter of 10cm or more. How to Use Prime the wick before using it in a [...]

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How to make a soy candle

Candle Wax

Soy Wax 1kg

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Soy Wax is a vegetable wax, meaning that this wax comes from plants. Benefits Easy to fragrance Pour directly into glasses Very easy to use Cosmetic grade Skin safe How to Use Melt the wax in a plastic or glass jug in the microwave. Pour the melted wax in glass or ceramic containers. Make scented [...]

Candle Wax

Stearic Acid 1kg

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Add stearic acid to your candle wax to make long burning candles.  Sold in a 1kg bag and comes in flake form.  Store it in a cool, dry place. Benefits Makes your candles burn longer Makes your candles release from the mould more easily How to Use Stearic Acid Add 100g of stearic acid to [...]

Candle Wax

Gel wax 5kg

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Gel wax is a see-through jelly wax which cannot be moulded.   Pour it into glass containers only. How to Melt This Wax How to Use Melt this wax on an electric stove. Pour the melted, liquid wax in glasses. Use Wick for Gel Wax and Metal Wick Sustainers. Add a candle dye of your choice to [...]

Candle Wax

Gelwax 1kg

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Gelwax is a see-through jelly. How to Use Gelwax Melt in a pot or saucepan on an electric stove. Add a candle dye of your choice to the melting gelwax and stir gently. Add a fragrance oil of your choice. Do not exceed the recommended dosage level of 7% otherwise the gel will go cloudly.   [...]

Candle Wax


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How to Use Use the thermometer to make sure that your candle wax is no hotter than 70ºC when using white plastic candle moulds.  Heat the candle wax in a pot on an electric stove.  Remove the pot with the melted wax from the heat before inserting the thermometer. Do not touch the bottom of [...]

Candle Wax

Candle Wax 25kg

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Fully refined paraffin wax, a.k.a. Candle Wax Benefits Our wholesale Candle Wax comes in 25 kg boxes Melting point 60°C (long burning) It is a fully refined, white paraffin wax. Use this wax to make wedding candles or candles for function hire, events and churches. How to Use This Wax Add 10g of wax modifier [...]

How to make a candle

Candle Wax

Candle Wax 5kg

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Our Candle Wax is a fully refined, white paraffin wax which melts at 60°C. Benefits Long burning, white and ideal for making quality candles. How to Use Candle Wax Melt this wax on an electric stove.  DO NOT melt in the microwave. Combine 1 kg of this wax with 10 g wax modifier to even out [...]

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Benefits Our Natural Beeswax comes straight from the beekeeper and Mr Bee.   It is not bleached, with no added chemicals. The beeswax has a strong honey fragrance. Supplied in 500g blocks. How to Use Natural Beeswax Use in a natural skincare range, including lip balms and lotions. Do not mould this wax. Use in [...]

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